We’re Neo-Neopolitan: A hybrid of New York and Neopolitan style pizza

professional on/offsite corporate/residential catering services

guaranteed fastest delivery and takeout in Brookfield

we bake at 800° in a wood-burning Italian brick oven

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Our Story

Freshness is our Business

Urban Street Pizza is about kicking new flavors. Combining street food-inspirations with Neopolitan-Style Pizza & NY Style Pies. Connecting people together with our mashed-up menu and energetic environment. Making something different by flipping the script…and the dough every day. Mixing quality ingredients, and occasionally breaking some rules. “Fresh” has a new address…and it lives on Urban Street.

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Serving the city of Brookfield & surrounding locations.


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Urban Street Pizza
807 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804
P: 203-628-4400

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